Jane Kempsey PMBA, MCIPD

Jane is passionate about enabling people and organisations to realise potential and grow performance.

Working with leaders, teams and individuals across a wide range of settings she acts to build positive relationships and provide development experiences that produce results. Jane has managed and facilitated a wide range of leadership development initiatives. Her work with teams provides tailored development solutions, to enable people to evolve how they work together and reach higher levels of performance.

After starting her career in Mental Health, psychology is a strong influence for Jane. She has blended this with experience in business and formed a rounded approach to understanding people and generating results. Drawing on these aspects, Jane utilises a number of approaches that often centre on the mindsets, methods and behaviours to enable positive change. Jane is passionate about making a difference and enabling leaders and teams to create a positive working environment where people can be at their best.

Jane holds a BSc Hons in Mental Health Nursing. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Development, an MSc in Personnel Management and Business Administration, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She is accredited to use the following awareness tools, Hogan, MBTI, Realise 2 Strengths, Emotional Intelligence EQi, Clarity 4D.

Jane has worked in both the public & private sectors, including retail and financial services, NHS, hospitality and manufacturing.

Jane has the remarkable ability to enable me to challenge even the strongest ideas and open up new ways of doing things. We’ve tackled a number of issues and I’ve been able to come up with solutions during our conversations.