The role of coaching in helping avert an impending mental health crisis

If ever a stark reminder was needed of the rise in the prevalence and seriousness of mental health problems, the incident which occurred on the 25th September in a Co-op store in Surrey is it.

A customer, when politely asked to comply with the simple instruction of following the one way system in the store, suddenly snapped and went berserk, sweeping products off the shelves and vandalising the store, illustrating how on edge many people are, and how little it can now take to push them into irrational behaviour.

The World Health Organisation has called for “substantial investment needed to avert a mental health crisis” and the CIPD (Charted Institute of Personnel and Development) is calling for employers to play their role and step up their efforts in providing support to their employees

So how can coaching help?

Coaches do not specialise in treating complex clinical problems, however they do help clients to manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills and reduce stress and anxiety. Giving employees access to coaching support is now a vital strand to any employers’ Wellbeing strategy.
Some forward-thinking companies have taken the proactive step of training up a selection of their internal staff to offer coaching and mental health support. However, it is vitally important in this case to ensure that workers in these pressured roles are getting the support and supervision they themselves need to process difficult situations, vent their frustrations, and ensure they can continue to coach in the best way possible.

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