Coach Supervision

We also offer professional supervision for practising coaches. This could be 1-1 private supervision to support development and credentialing, or group supervision to advance the capability and effectiveness of the internal coaching faculty.
We believe the purpose of supervision is:

  • Restorative – to provide a secure base for coaches to discuss concerns or questions they have about their practice
  • Normative – to provide guidance around ethical and professional standards
  • Formative – to facilitate personal development and coaching skills for the coaches

Many clients or coaches undertaking supervision find it helpful to map the system they are working in, in order to explore relationship dynamics and different perspectives, deepening their understanding of what might be going on. This can be done virtually using our Proreal digital tool.


Proreal enables you to map a system, explore some different perspectives and experiment with new possibilities.

“Seren is my coach supervisor. She provides me with invaluable insights into my coaching interventions, presence and style. She offers unique observations that help to raise my awareness of opportunities that directly elevate my practice and impact. She is experienced and well read on the subject of coaching,and shares her knowledge with abundant generosity. I highly recommend Seren as a coach supervisor.”

Jennifer McConnell, Virtual Executive coach, Leadership Development consultant

“I had the privilege of working with Seren, both in her capacity as a Principal Consultant and as lead facilitator for the Lane4 internal coaching accreditation programme (ICAP). Her passion for seeing and fuelling potential in others is infectious and her skill and experience as a coach is both evident and inspiring.”

Jessica Bell, Consultant, Lane4 Management Group