Embarking on a coaching pathway is an engaging journey of insight and discovery that you will undertake with your coach, that will ultimately pinpoint the all-important shift needed for you to make in order to achieve your success story.

The pathways have a similar structure but are tailored to your needs and include from 4-6 sessions over a period of 3 months.  Below are some example topic areas your coach can work with you on.

Your coach will be your guide through the pathway and recommend appropriate diagnostics, strategies and tools related to the pathway.

  • Leadership transition – are you stepping up to take on a new challenge that requires different skills and ways of operating?  Leadership transition coaching can help you explore what strengths and qualities you can build on and leverage and what you might need to let go of to make a successful transition.
  • Wellbeing and resilience – are you required to work under pressure or in potentially stressful situations?  Wellbeing and resilience coaching can help you to protect your own wellbeing and learn more about how to develop your personal resilience strategy, ensuring your work and life are in balance.
  • Navigating organisations and influence – do you need to influence different people that you do not have direct authority over and that can be difficult to deal with?  Impact and influence coaching can help you to consider how best to navigate tricky interpersonal situations and organisational politics, whilst helping you define your own personal brand.
  • Career development – do you find yourself questioning where you are going in your career and if you are on the right track?  Career coaching can help you to take stock of where you are at in your career and consider potential new career directions, whilst also helping you create a powerful career narrative.
  • Executive leadership – do you hold a C-suite position within an organisation and would like a refresh on your leadership style and approach?   Executive leadership coaching can help you think strategically about your own leadership challenges and help you ensure you are getting the best from your people.
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